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Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA/Contract)

July 1 2021 - June 30, 2022

Agreement Between Desert Sands Unified School District

and Desert Sands Teachers Association

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A message from your president


I sincerely hope that you are all taking the time to relax and recharge. We just went through a year and a half of the most strenuous work we could ever imagine. Be sure to take time to disconnect from work and reconnect with family and friends. We all need each other to heal.


That being said, I have been able to take advantage of some down time this summer -- much more than last summer! For you, I am available all summer. If I can be of any assistance before school resumes, please do not hesitate to reach me:

Trina Alesi, DSTA President


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Congratulations to DSUSD Teachers of the Year 2021

Nicole Ramirez 


Carrie Holguin

Middle School 

Christina Osborne

High School

Ronald Reagan Elementary

Colonel Mitchell Paige Middle School

Horizon High School 

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DSTA Executive Board & Bargaining Committee

Pictured left to right, top to bottom:

Cheryl Powers (Carter), Secretary, Trina Gonzales-Alesi, President, Rolf Duvall (Carter) Treasurer

Patricia Schoenfeld (Hoover), Elementary School Grade Level Director II

Verdlee Stevenson (Truman), Ethnic Minority Representative

Anna Harris (Jefferson), Middle School Grade Level Director,

Allison Cyr (Johnson), Elementary School Grade Level Director I

Jennifer Ireland (IHS), High School Grade Level Director, Janine Domenici (Ford), Vice President


 Mission Statement

DSTA's purpose is to advocate with and

empower members to support rights and give

voice to promote public education that is safe

and equitable for members and students alike,

ensuring all students thrive through quality


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